What is the future of transportation? What is the path ahead? How the definition of transportation must change with time? These are the questions we constantly ask at EXA. One thing is sure, Mobility will be there as long as our Universe lasts, and there is scope of increasing the efficiency of the system at each point of time. That's where we are focusing on: to make the existing system efficient, better and sustainable.


At Exa Mobility, We work towards a sustainable and connected future. A share, for everyone. We are creating a Mobility as a service (MaaS) platform to radically change the way people and goods are moved from point A to B. We are here to provide the next-gen urban commute system for ever-expanding metropolitans. Our shared electric vehicles will become an integral part of your world. Our vision is system-level integration of sustainable mobility into the transportation system. 


The ecosystem we envision, consists of intelligent products as well as infrastructure. We are currently developing an Intelligent Electric Scooter, the first of our portfolio which will be launched in 2022.


Exa Ride is our Mobile App and Service for on demand rental and scooter sharing. You can pick up any Scooter and drop it anywhere you want and pay-per-km basis. Alternatively, You can also rent vehicles from us on a  Monthly or Weekly Basis. You can check out more about it at www.exaride.com

For this service, currently we are using Electric Scooters procured from established Manufacturers or even any person can enroll their vehicle on our platform and we will make those vehicles IOT and App Enabled with our proprietary technology.


We are here to challenge your traditional beliefs when you experience our products. And intend to set new trends in shared mobility and logistics space.